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NS Department of Environment - Environmental Assessment

Canso Spaceport Facility Project/Environmental Assessment

Environment Minister sends Canso Spaceport company back to drawing board /

Insiders reveal how Canada used dubious research to approve major industrial projects

Province's monitoring of environmentally sensitive projects 'troubling,' AG says/

N.S 'failing' on environmental project monitoring, auditor general says

Government Has Environmental Concerns About Nova Scotia Launch Site

About Maritime Launch Services and Its Partners

aerospace america/Ukraine vies for place in crowded launch market

Commercial Space and Rocket Port Shenanigans

Ukrainian Rockets Like the Cyclone 4M Are Too Dangerous an Investment for Western Interests: Kyiv Post

Tsyklon-4m (Cyclone-4m) prepares a move to Canada

Kyiv Post/Investors in Ukraine's space industry face 'iron curtain'

IMF: Ukraine Space Sector Possibly Suffered 80 Percent Revenue Loss

Boeing Wins U.S. Court Judgment Against Russian, Ukrainian Sea Launch Partners

Litigator of the Week: After 10-year Global Fight, Kirkland's Slade Scores $500M Win for Boeing

Brazil Pulling Out of Ukrainian Launch Project

Failure to Launch: How a Canadian-funded satellite deal fell into disaster in Ukraine

National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine: Case of over 8 million USD damage

Complaint: United States of America et al vs United Paradyne Corporation

NASA Contractor for Space Launch System support to pay $375 K to settle False Claims Act accusations

Company behind the proposed Canso Spaceport is lobbying the federal government for funding

Stephen Matier presents to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Oct. 2, 2018

The "Wild West" of Space 

Alaska Residents Urge Caution to Hawai'i Officials Considering Spaceport

Earth's Orbiting junkyard threatens the space economy/National Post

America's Spaceport Boom Is Outpacing the Need to Go to Space/Wired

Why it's time to study how rocket emissions change the atmosphere/ 

Spaceport Camden Opponents: Document Proves Launches Too Dangerous

After SpaceX Starlink Launch, a Fear of Satellites That Outnumber All Visible Stars-NYTimes

With more rocket launches comes more clean up/

As NASA and others launch more rockets effects on Earth remain a mystery/Houston Chronicle 

Dimethylhydrazine-US National Library of Medicine

How we can prevent outer space from becoming the Wild West/


More media


The Logic/Financial Post: NASA North or Final Frontier/Nova Scotia Fishing Community is Divided over Proposal to Build Canada's First Spaceport


Opposition to Canso Spaceport Grows/

Rocket Man Hits Turbulence/Halifax Magazine

Maritime Launch Services and its private/public servants/ 

PR Coup: Maritime Launch Services Signs Agreement with St. Francis Xavier University/ 

Fast Curious Short Takes on Random Things/

proposed spaceport gathers steam but questions linger/


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